If you are new to Albany, looking for a church or considering spiritual things then we invite you to become a part of the Albany Baptist Church family, or just come along and have a look.  Below are a few bits of information that may help you on your journey.

Some things we love about ABC

·       Jesus is always central - if you hang around even for a short while you will hear about Jesus.

·    The bible is preached as we work our way through books of the bible week by week at church, in our small groups and in our ministries.

·    We are inter everything!!  Intercultural. Intergenerational. Interbackgrounds.  

·    We love old friends and new friends.

·    We love missions - whether it’s our neighbour, our work mate or a child in a tribe on the other side of the globe, everyone needs to hear about Jesus.

·    We pray because we must - nothing is possible without God and with him all things are possible - so in humble trust we go to our heavenly father.

·    We train - believing in all member ministry as we all use our different gifts to build each other up in Christ.

Some other things about ABC

We are a baptist church - which means we are congregationally governed. The church members appoint staff, elders and leaders to have oversight over the church and all members are encouraged to play an active role according to the gifts God has given them.

We are a safe church - which means all leaders and volunteers, most especially those working with children and youth, have been through a variety of checks (including holding a Working with Children Card) and abide by safe church policies.

We are a larger church - which means people generally find becoming part of a smaller Growth Group is the best place to be connected, nurtured and to grow.

Get Connected

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