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What is Baptism?

Baptism tells a story of being rescued from sin by Jesus through faith in His death and resurrection. It is like a play (drama) showing people what God has already done in the lives of someone who trusts in Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection:

  • When a person stands in the water before being baptized, that represents their life before trusting in Jesus – who they once were, sick with sin.
  • When they are put under the water, that represents that just as Jesus died and was buried, they too have now died to sin.
  • Then, when they are brought up out of the water, that represents that just as Jesus rose from the grace, they have new life because of Jesus.

Baptism is a wonderful celebration that they have been washed clean from sin – not because they wet – but because they have been forgiven by God because of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

The Bible tells us that everyone who loves, trusts, and obeys Jesus should be baptised. It is something we do and celebrate as an act of obedience to Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 2:37-38).

It’s important to know that being baptized does not save you; placing your faith in Jesus alone saves you. Baptism is a celebration of what God has already done in the heart of a believer.

Wisdom for parents

If your child expresses an interest in being baptised, then first, praise God! Obedience to Christ through faith is what we are praying for when it comes to our kids. Keep praying that they would love and obey Him all their days. Second, talk with them. What’s there understanding of the gospel? Why do they want to get baptised? Where else in their lives are they showing the fruit of a growing love for Jesus and obedience to Him?

Remember, there’s nothing magical about baptism. It doesn’t save your child, nor earn them extra “grace” in heaven. Both baptism and communion can be a wonderful rite of passage for your kids. Pray for wisdom and discernment as you engage with your kids in conversations around this topic.

If you discern the Spirit is prompting them to be baptised in obedience to Jesus, we’d love to come alongside you in this wonderful journey, feel free to get in touch with Jordan. Also, coming early next year will be some family discipleship resources to help you work through baptism together as a family.