Greetings from Melbourne!  

Yes, we have finally been able to come to Victoria and visit my family… we arrived last Saturday 2nd April (Mick joined us on 9th April).  

The start of our trip involved catching up with extended family and a few close friends. We now have a week of camping with my mum, brother and sister and their families. This will be the best opportunity to have deeper conversations, please pray for opportunities to talk about life and Jesus.  

I wanted to touch base about a few things:  

* A group of women (including myself) will be meeting on Thursdays @ 2pm during Term 2 to read through Growing Together by Melissa Kruger (a book on mentoring). If you are interested in reading this book together, please let me know – you could join us, or we may run an evening group for those who can’t make daytimes. (I have spare copies of the book)

* We haven’t had any Women’s Events so far this year, but there is some interest in planning some low-key events. If you are interested in being involved with planning Women’s events, please email me.

* There are 2 talks by women that I thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to recommend to you. Rebecca’s talk is particularly challenging in thinking about what it looks like to live Christianly in today’s cultural climate.  

Aimee Joseph led a session during TGCW21 titled “What’s Next? Discerning God’s Will.” Listen on Apple Podcasts:  

Rebecca McLaughlin encourages Christians to take cultural critiques of modern evangelicalism seriously. Listen on Apple Podcasts:    

Please email me if you’re interested in anything mentioned above, or call me after April 22. I will not be checking my emails in the next week, but will get back to you after April 22.  

Love in Christ.