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Imagine if you were in charge of your home, your school or your country for a day. What new rules would you make as the boss?  

Romans 13:1-7 reminds us that God gives us rulers or bosses in our lives. Who are some bosses or leaders God has given your family? (This can include: mum and dad, teachers, leaders of our country, a boss at work and church leaders.) 

Read the passage together and see the reasons Paul gives us for obeying leaders and bosses.

  • God has chosen them to be our boss (v1)
  • It is for our good (v4)
  • Our conscience reminds us it is the right thing to do (v5)
  • There can be consequences for not obeying leaders (v5) 

Talk about what a home or a school or a country without a leader or a boss would look like.

God is our “capital B” Boss. He’s always in charge! But in his kindness, He gives us leaders and bosses for our good. Loving God means respecting and obeying leaders.  Spend time together thanking and praying for a boss or a leader that God has given you and your family. 

A note for parents: Sadly, some leaders will choose to do not obey God and instead of helping others, can be hurtful. To us or to others. That’s not right and that doesn’t please God. Spend time talking together about what we can do if a leader ask us to do something that is harmful to us or others, or goes against God’s rules? (For a Biblical example read about the Egyptian Midwives in Exodus 1:15-21.)