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As a church we are on about Knowing Jesus and Making him known.  As a way of resourcing you to know Jesus better and for us to serve him better together we now have a church App. Once you have downloaded the App- have a look around.  But here is a brief overview of each section.

  • All about Jesus- is where an unbeliever would look to explore who Jesus is and is also where there will be training to help us make Jesus known
  • Get Connected- is to help new people move from new comers to serving members of the church. There are simple processes to follow to join a Growth Group or become a member.
  • Prayer wall- is where church prayer points will go to help you pray.  These will be quite general but if you add a prayer point it will go past an admin to approve it and be sent directly to those on the prayer group
  • Family Discipleship- is to help parents with the critical role of raising their kids to know Jesus. Material that connects with ABC kids will be put here to using during the week
  • Sermon Recordings- Are the sermons from the past year or so collated into the series they were preached in
  • Sermon Notes- contain the outline for the sermon that weekend and questions that Growth Groups or individuals can use to work through to think further
  • From the Pastors- Is the letters that come from the pastoral staff. They will be saved here for easy access
  • Upcoming Events- contains easy access to events in the church or community. Here you will be able to sign up for camps, events and the like
  • Giving- Is an easy way for people to set up giving from a bank card to the church.  Online giving and cash in the offering box remain the best way to give as they occur no fees. But for people wanting to give by credit card- you now can (you can even choose to cover the lost fees yourself.
  • Watch live- is where live streaming can be accessed during service times if you are unable to attend church
  • Safe Church- is an easy way to report an incident from your phone rather than print out a form from the website
  • Using the App- gives details about signing up to the App as a user.
  • Groups- We will be encouraging people to join the groups that are relevant to them eg family discipleship, Seniors, ABC Youth, or a serving team like Welcoming.  This will then become a place to communicate with those in your team and receive notifications.

Over the coming weeks more connect will be added so keep looking around