What are Growth Groups?

Following the pattern of the early church, Albany Baptist Church has a number of small groups that meet together at different times and venues during the week. Some are held at the church building while many take place in people’s homes. The groups vary in size and age, with some being mixed, while others are just for men or ladies.

So what do we do during these gatherings? Well two of the main reasons are to read and study the Bible with some discussions that are facilitated by a leader, plus we spend time in prayer for various needs. We would, however, like to put you at ease to know that while you are welcome to contribute in group discussion and prayer, no one is put on the spot to have to do so.

As we aim to make our Growth Groups holistic, we spend time in praise and thanksgiving and also maintain an interest in missions as each group “adopts” a missionary. Groups also spend some time together socially over a meal or a cuppa to get to know each other better. Our individual groups and sometimes in combination with others, also get together to practically help others and to do some evangelistic outreach into the community.

We also see Growth Groups as an important place where pastoral needs can be identified and practically met. It’s also good for accountability as we seek to support and look out for one another. Connecting with people in a growth group is also a great way to feel that you belong, especially when settling into a larger church like ours.

If you would like to be involved in a Growth Group please contact our office. Because it may be a bit daunting for a new person to just come into a group of strangers we can link you with a leader so you can get to know a few people beforehand.